Datasert - Privacy/Security


This page is simplified version of our Privacy Policy. While you can consume this content, you should read and understand the Privacy Policy.

PII Information

What we collect?

You give us below information at various times (registration or purchasing or support request).

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company Name
  • Credit Card and Billing Information (via payment provider)

What we do we do with it?

We use explicitly provided information to process transactions and to reply back to you if you send us an email. We do not do anything else with it. We do not sell out or try to send you bunch of unwatned emails.

Non-PII information

What we collect?

  • Anonymoized Site/Product usage information

What we do with it?

We use this information solely to understand how many users are using a particular part of the site/product so we can prioritize features around that area.

Our approach to Security

We do. We take security of your personal and payment information with thought out and well considered approach

  • We do not sell your email or personal details any third party
  • We do not advertise in website or in the product
  • We transact all information exclusiely over https
  • We use Stripe for payment processing
  • We do NOT bring your payment inforation in raw form into our server
  • We use two factor authentication for services we use (Stripe, Heroku etc.,)

Salesforce Data Security

Realfire works directly with Salesforce API over secure channel. We do not bring your data into our server. Some of the data would be stored locally in your system (For ex., when you export the data)