Datasert - Credits

We want to sincerly thank many open source libraries/frameworks, makers of content who makes it available in the internet. Here is some of them, not in any particular order. We will be updating this list as we come across.

Library/Company Remarks
Eclipse Realfire is built on Eclipse RCP Platform. We have learnt quite a lot through its code and frameworks.
Google We use many Google libraries in Realfire and also in server products like Guava, Guice etc
Apache Thank you for many awesome opensource libraries, especially commons.
Univocity Their csv parser/writers are one of the best we have come across.
Salesforce Realfire would not have exist, if not for Salesforce.
Jackson Json Libs We have enjoyed a lot using those libraries for Json processing, which we do a lot these days
Spring We have come to love and learn a lot from these guys
Postman We use their API client a lot and also inspired our Terms We use that product to create many of the icons we use in Realfire
Gatsby We use Gatsby to build dotcom site. Its an easy to use Static Site Generator
Netlify Building and deploying a site could not be any easier
Heroku Saves us ton of time. Their cli is something to learn from