Enjoy the Enterprise Grade Job Scheduling Natively in Salesforce

Current Version: 1.0.2 beta2

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Top Features of Scheduleright

Minute level Sheduling

Break away from Salesforce limitation of running a job one per hour and run many Jobs every minute

Schedule easy with Pre-defined Standard Timings

Setup a job easisy using many commonly used pre-defined schedules. Or get all control using full cron implementation

Avoid creating Schedulable classes

Manage the Scheduled Job without ever having to create Schedulable Apex Classes, reducing the time and energy

React Quickly to Business Change with Parameters

Have your jobs parameterized to adopt quickly to changing business needs or reuse your jobs

Kill Zombi Jobs

Abort your jobs which are not completed with defined interval

Serialize Your Jobs

Have a longer running jobs resulting concurrent jobs kicked off? Avoid the situation by Waiting on Previous Runs before starting new

Retry Jobs after a fixed delay

Start a Job after a fixed delay to overcome any issues or scheduling conflicts

Inactivate Jobs without Deleting them

Tired of deleting Jobs in Salesforce when you just wanted to inactivate? Inactivate anytime and keep the history of Jobs

Easily View the Job Run History

List and visualize the Job Runs History

Capture the Run Log

Capture the Run Log from execution, including your own logging statements

Automatically Log the Apex Errors

Capture and attached the Apex Script Errors to appropriate Job Run

Timezone Support

Did you say 1 PM Pacific, not some european time? Yes, customize Timezone for each Job

Parent Child Jobs

Build multi-level Parent/Child Jobs and see them scheduling just as you expect them to

Powerful Notifications

Notify failed Jobs using Slack, Email, Sfdc Case or General Webhooks and customize all of these at Job Level

Standard Reports

Create Reports on Scheduling Data as you please

Get More done with Pre-defined Jobs

Make use Mass Update, Mass Delete and Mass Purge Jobs, which adopts your needs via Job Parameters