Near realsync data sync for Salesforce

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Sync data from Salesforce to RDBMS

Sync data to rdmbs targets with additional targets (like Snowflake, Google Bigquery) are planned

Low maintenance

Complete hand off approach. Specify objects, and it will start doing the work without any other manual touch point

Ability to sync upto few minutes

Being able to sync every few minutes help to get your data in your target and make it available for others

Supports binary objects

Support for syncing binary objects like Attachment/ContentVersion with binary files replicated to Aws S3 (other blob stores support is planned)

New Objects/Fields synced automatically

Based on the configuration, new matching Salesforce Objects/Fields are synced automatically

100% Field History

Capture 100% of history of all fields in Salesforce

Auto Refresh Formula Fields

Auto refresh formula fields at periodic basis

View History in Salesforce

View the Realsync history in Salesforce at Record level with click on a button

Restore Record from History

Restore the Record by picking and choosing the any of the fields from history