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  • Many features with limits
  • Single Salesforce Connection
  • Login using OAuth or Credentials
  • Secure tokens/credentials with Master password
  • View Org Limits and Usage
  • View Objects List
  • View Object Details
  • Browse Object Data
  • Query Editor with support for Soql/Sosl
  • Build Soqls easily with powerful Soql builder
  • Run multiple Soql/Sosl Statements at a time
  • View Soql results in high performance Datagrid
  • Fetch More batches
  • Export Datagrid as Csv
  • Apex Editor for Anonymous Apex
  • Rest Apis Explorer
  • View CSV files in high performance CSV viewer
  • Standard Object/Field Documentation
  • Search for Objects



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View Limits
  • All features in Free Edition with higher limits plus:
  • Soql Wildcard Fields
  • Query Variables New
  • Async Soqls New
  • Schema Report New
  • View Listview Records/Soql
  • Object/Fields Summary Report
  • Fields List Report
  • Picklist Values Report
  • File Upload Manifest Generator
  • View Record Count of multiple objects
  • Connection Colors
  • Read-only Connections
  • Ingrid Data editing
  • View Soql Results in Form View
  • Export results into Excel New
  • Edit Custom Metadata Records
  • View Record Hierarchy
  • Create/Edit CSV Files
  • Execution History
  • Saved Scripts
  • Recent Files
  • Favorites
  • Search for Fields
  • Easy Notes/Attachment Management
  • View Record History
  • Explore and Query Tooling Objects
  • Filter Records/Fields in Soql Datagrid
  • Object Global Search
  • Object/Field enrichment with Metadata Fields
  • Field values Preview
  • View Object Limits
  • Recent Objects View
  • Favorites View
  • Grid Filters
  • Fields List Report
  • Email Support



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  • All features in Essential Edition with higher limits plus:
  • Export results into Google Sheets New
  • View/Search Metadata
  • Compare Metadata
  • Package XML Editor
  • Fake Data Generation
  • Debug Log Management and Viewer
  • Debug Logs Streaming
  • Bulk Schema Management
  • Multi Connection Org Limits Report
  • Multi Object Limits Report
  • Parent/Child Browser New
  • Compare Data New
  • Metadata DB
  • Org Limits Report
  • Objects Limits Report
  • Apex Looper New
  • View Metadata Dependency New
  • Backup and Restore of Realfire Configuration



per seat per month (billed annually)
Multi Seat Discount
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View Limits
  • All features in Professional Edition with higher limits plus:
  • Metadata Deployments New
  • Realfire Dataloader
  • DML Executions
  • Mass Schema Updates
  • Field Analysis
  • Compare Profile/Permsets New
  • Mass Assigner Assigner
  • Actions Toggler
  • List Views Management
  • Roles Viewer
  • User Management
  • Compare Users
  • View Reporting Hierarchy
  • Import Users with Profile/Role/Manager Id resolution
  • View Setup Audit History
  • View Email Log
  • View Login History
  • Page Layout Usage
  • Scheduled Jobs New