Support - Realfire Help

This page documents various things related to product support.

In-product Support Request

If you can interact with the product, you can submit your issue/questions via In-product support process.

  1. Goto Help -> Contact Support

  2. Enter the issue description and make sure you keep checkboxes checked

  3. You must enter the correct email as we will reach back to you on that email. Typical timeframe is within a day but most of the time, it is less than that.

  4. Click Submit

contact support

Email Support Request

If you are not able to start the product or product is not responding after starting, then you can request support over email.

Please send us email at

Dump Stacktraces

If the product is not responding or hanging, sometimes support asks you send the product stacktraces. Stackstrace gives information about how product internal processes are doing. It doesn’t contain any of your data so it is safe to submit that.

To dump stacktrace, follow these steps.

  1. Identify the process id (pid) of Realfire (see below section on how to identify pid based on your OS)

  2. Goto terminal (see below section on how to open terminal)

  3. Run command jstack -l {pid} > realfire-stacktrace.txt where {pid} is the realfire process id that you identified in step 1

  4. Attach realfire-stacktrace.txt file in an email and send to or reply to the support ticket email.

Here is head snippet of how the stacktrace dump looks like

$ jstack -l 8394
2020-02-09 08:23:20
Full thread dump OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (11.0.5+10-LTS mixed mode):

Threads class SMR info:
_java_thread_list=0x00006000010e7fc0, length=48, elements={
0x00007ff2604b4000, 0x00007ff265c24000, 0x00007ff260569000, 0x00007ff26054f000

"main" #1 prio=6 os_prio=31 cpu=14496.91ms elapsed=441.60s tid=0x00007ff26001d000 nid=0x307 runnable  [0x00007ffee5217000]
   java.lang.Thread.State: RUNNABLE
	at org.eclipse.swt.internal.cocoa.OS.objc_msgSend_bool(Native Method)

Identify Realfire Process Id (pid)

When you start the Realfire application, OS (mac or windows) assigns a number to that execution called process id (pid). Note that each time you start the application, OS assigns a different pid. So you cannot re-use pid from earlier execution.

To get the current execution pid, follow these steps as per your OS.

Mac OS

  1. Open the Activity Monitor app from spotlight or launch pad

activity monitor

  1. Eneter Realfire in the search box. It should show the realfire process with pid display at the right side of the screen.

activity monitor realfire

Open Terminal

Terminal is a console application that lets you execute commnad line (cli) applications. Follow the below steps to start the terminal

Mac OS

Open the Terminal app from spotlight or launch pad


Open the Cmd app from Explorer search input