Page Layout Details - Realfire Help

Page Layout Details feature allows you to select one or more objects in a connection, fetches the metadata details of all page layouts of those objects, and shows the extracted and enriched details of those layouts in various grids.

Once presented, details can be exported to Gsheet, Excel or CSV (and other formats).

Edition and Accessing the Feature

This feature is available in Professional+ editions. It can be accessed from Connection Context Menu -> Tools -> Page Layout Details

conn menu


When you start the feature you would see below interface.

start page

Click on Select Objects to select one or more objects whose page layouts details needs to be shown. You cannot pre-select any particular page layouts instead app will show all page layouts for an object.

Once you select objects, app should fetch the details and show various tabs. You can search for a particular field or object in the search box in each of the tabs.

details fields

Re-selecting previous selections

Note that if you had selected any objects earlier, you can re-select them easily by clicking on the small down arrow next to Select Objects and picking available options.

prev obj selection

Export Results

In Realfire you can export contents of any grid by right-clicking on the grid and select various export options, including Gsheet and Excel.