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Current Version: 5.3.2

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One Password to Rule Them All

Save all sensitive credentials and tokens with a secure local password, to be able to connect without being prompted each time to login

Multiple Connections

Create multiple connections and interact with them easily

Login using OAuth and Credentials

Supports authenticating via OAuth or Credentials for maximum access

Connection Colors

Easily identify if you are interacting with dev/stg/prod

Read only Connections

Prevent accidental editing of Salesforce records by marking connection as Readonly

List all connections and objects

View all defined connections and its objects including standard, custom, custom settings and custom metadata objects

Filter Objects by type or pattern

Easily filter to display only the objects you are looking for

View complete object details

View complete object information like fields, its types, picklist values, record types etc.,

View parent and child relationships

Easily view parent/child rel fields and navigate to those objects

Quickly browse Object data

Quickly browse object data to get an idea of type of content there is

Navigate to Object

Navigate to object that you looking for in multiple ways

View Objects summary

View all objects summary in easy to view grid

Enter Soql, Sosl queries

Edit soql and sosl queries in Syntax highlighted editor

Execute queries across connections

Want to check how that query does in other environments? Just change the connection and execute away

Execute multiple statements

Select multiple (soql or sosl) statements and execute them in parallel

Enable Bind variable processing

Use the query as is from Apex and replace bind variables

Query deleted records

Enable flag and query deleted records

Explain soql and see plan

If you have a complicated query, see the soql plan to get insights on execution plan

Query Builder

Use query builder and let it do the heavy lifting of picking fields, including parent fields

View Soql and Sosl Query Results

View complete soql and sosl results in high-performance datagrid

Fetch next batch(s)

Fetch up to 1000 batches to view complete dataset

Edit Records in Grid

Edit, delete and insert new records using grid, including Custom Metadata Records

Enjoy the high-performance grid

You say you want to view and explore 100s of thousands of records? No issues

PIN Result View

Prevent reusing the result view by pinning it

View full or side by side

Maximize the view to see the complete results or view two results side by side

Refresh Results

Reexecute query and refresh the results

Sort Records locally

Sort all records in the grid locally, so you can sort columns which are not sortable in sfdc

View individual Record

View all fields of a record after querying or view selected record in Salesforce

Open any Record by Id

Open a Record by entering Id or from clipboard

Copy as Apex Code

Copy selected records as Apex code for quick test data creation

Copy as Quoted values

Export/Copy all/selected records as csv

Export or Copy as CSV/TSV

Export/Copy all/selected records as csv

Execute Apex

Execute anonymous apex with syntax highlighting

Open multiple Apex Editors

Open multiple apex editors to execute against different connections

Execution History

View history of soql, sosl, apex executions

Recent files History

Keeps history of all files interactions for easy recall

High performance CSV Viewer

View csv files with 100s of thousands of records with ease in high performance csv grid

Colum level editing

Edit whole columns like adding new columns, deleting column and renaming

Highlight Edited Rows/Cells

While editing easily view edited cells/inserted rows with edit highlights

Cell Highlighting

You want to highlight cells contains particular text? It is easy

Enjoy various type of dataloads

Export, insert, update, upsert, delete data with ease

Batch it or Bulk it

Supports both batch and bulk api types

Define field mapping

Fields may not match one on one? No problem, use mapping to still map it

Export Bulk Results

Some third party app created bulk job and you just want to download results? Use Export Bulk Results job type

SQL Delete

You just want to delete some records? Issue delete statement and let tool do all the work of querying, exporting, mapping and deleting

Generate test data for various usecases

Export, insert, update, upsert, delete data with ease

Localize Fakedata

Generate test data in various languages

Supports lots of types

Supports lots of types to precisely generate type of data you want

Contact Support

Don't leave the product out if you run into issues. Contact support from within product

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